The White City 

(with composer Avi Amon)

More than twenty years after the infamous Chicago fire, the city hopes to regain and further its global status by hosting the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Countries from far and wide settle in, boasting the latest in technological advancement as the planet plunges deeper into industrial revolution. Change is tangible, but for Lucy, the fair means much more than a few months of temporary work and excitement: it is her chance to escape the past, her shot at unlocking her own version of success. The White City dives into race, sexuality, and power in turn of the century America. This energetic score is influenced by nineteenth century romantic music and classic country sounds.


(with composer Yan Li)

Based on H.G. Wells' short story The Country of the Blind, Blind is an interactive sensory musical that follows Mihai, a Romanian explorer, as he stumbles into a valley of strange villagers deep in Hoia-Baciu Forest. Born sightless for generations, these villagers have no concept of what it means to see, and Mihai finds his own senses challenged by their highly evolved survival methods. The budding romance between Mihai and Adela, an elder's daughter, forces life altering decisions upon everyone in the village. Blind was composed and designed with the intention of being performed to a blindfolded audience. 

Step on a Crack 

(with Avi Amon)

This one-act musical was written for and premiered by Prospect Theatre Co., and examines the internal, familial, and societal effects of trying to survive in the world with a mental illness.



The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi 

Maaaaany harsh realizations smack Kit square in the face as she tours the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with her boyfriend, Ben, who she's now coming to understand, is maaaaaybe a little bit of a sexist dickhead? Well, okay, he's actually definitely a lot a bit of a sexist dickhead, but... she's lucky to be with him, right?! He's WAY out of her league. RIGHT?! Sure. And look, in Ben's defense, everyone else she knows might also be sexist dickheads, too, it might just be the way of the world. Who is she to stand up to the entire world? As she slumps around the mammoth structure in her standard issue abaya (her version of "modest" wasn't quite modest enough, whoops), she considers whether or not Ben is actually bringing out the best in her. Sometimes it takes traveling halfway around the world to see something that's been right in front of your dumb, dumb face all along.